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Writing Anthologies - Incest Survivors' Support

Jan. 15th, 2008

10:22 pm - Writing Anthologies

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A little while ago I asked for suggestions on writing anthologies by sexual abuse survivors - I got one or two suggestions from you guys, but I thought I'd post what I found elsewhere in case people were interested:

Bass, E. & Thornton, L. Ed. (1991). I Never Told Anyone: Writing by women survivors of child
sexual abuse. New York: Harper Perennial.

Claman, E. Ed. (1995). Writing Our Way Out of the Dark: An anthology by child abuse
survivors. Eugene, Oregon: Queen of Swords Press.

Jones, B.M., Jenstrom, L.L., & MacFarlane, K. Eds. (1980). Sexual Abuse of Children: Selected

King, N. Ed. (1995). Speaking Our Truth: Voices of courage and healing for male survivors of
childhood sexual abuse. New York: Harper Perennial.

Kuhn, J.A. Ed. (2000). In Cabin Six: An anthology of poetry by male survivors of sexual abuse.
Big Bear City, CA: Impact Publishing.

Pierce-Baker, C. Ed. (1998). Surviving the Silence: Black women’s stories of rape. New York:
W.W. Norton & Company.

Queer Press Collective, Ed. (1991). Loving in Fear: An anthology of lesbian and gay survivors of
childhood sexual abuse. Toronto, Canada: Queer Press Non-Profit Community
Publishing of Toronto.

Shaw, R. Ed. (2000). Not Child’s Play: An anthology on brother-sister incest.
Takoma Park, Maryland: Lunchbox Press, Inc.

Safe helpful reading to you all,

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