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Seeking a quote - Your assistance is requested - Incest Survivors' Support

Nov. 10th, 2007

08:06 pm - Seeking a quote - Your assistance is requested

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Date:November 11th, 2007 08:28 pm (UTC)


Don't know why, but I find the Atwood quotation sad and a little desperate ... Maybe because I've gotten away from those kinds of memoralizing ... Ever since Henry died, I'm less hung up on taking pictures of events; I prefer to live in the moment, instead of viewing the moment through a viewfinder/screen ... It's also something I got from Thorton Wilder's "Our Town" ...

And I post blog entries more because it's a way of externalizing my internal thoughts than because I think they're going to be remembered by anyone else ... I enjoy the interaction that posting to a group promotes ...

Also, I favor philosophers like Heidegger and Socrates/Plato/Aristotle ... and my own (modest, cough, cough) contributions ... Usually not original; just modified into my own language ...

Hope that helps! Lotsa love!
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